Baffin Records Music Library & Baffin Publishing Group

Baffin Records’ in-house publishing entities, Baffin Publishing Group (BMI) and Baffin Records Music Library (ASCAP), offer publishing and publishing administration services for songwriters in all genres.

As BMI-, ASCAP-, MLC-, and HFA-registered music publishers, Baffin Publishing Group and Baffin Records Music Library can help you get your original composition (music and lyrics) seen and heard by music producers and professional recording artists, as well as film and TV producers. And, by exclusive agreement with Los Angeles-based Blue Buddha Entertainment, Baffin has an industry-leading partner in the sync licensing field. Publishing agreements are artist-friendly, and will vary according to each artists’ individual goals.

Reach out to us at publishing @ to discuss how Baffin Records can help find the right opportunities for your original compositions.

Music Supervisors and Content Creators

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