Indigo Thursday

Indigo Thursday is an American rock band from Alexandria, Virginia. The group was formed by Miranda Tonsetic (guitar/vocals) and Maddie Cantrell (guitar/vocals) in 2020. Members Eliza Gwin (piano/guitar/vocals), Sofie Keppler (bass), and Heath Russell (drums) joined in 2021. The group formed at local music company Rock of Ages Music (ROAM) in Del Ray. Even before recording and releasing music, Indigo Thursday was a local favorite in the Northern Virginia music scene. The band released their self titled EP in 2023. In January 2024, Indigo Thursday re-released their crowd-favorite pop-punk rocker Bad Man on Baffin Records. Already gaining an online following, this re-released version of Bad Man is bringing new listeners, new press, and new fans into the Indigo Thursday orbit. With lots more original music ready to record, get ready to hear much more from Indigo Thursday in 2024 and beyond.

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