Roscoe Tripp

Roscoe Tripp draws from a mix of guitar-driven indie anthems, synth-heavy 80’s riffs, intricate song structures, and lyrics more apt to fit folk music than the disco-like beats with which they have been fused. The result often generates a throwback vibe while simultaneously leaving listeners plenty to think about inside the melodies’ unpredictable deviations.

The band started in 2021 as a studio-only side-project for guitarist and keyboardist Greg Fine of the indie rock band You Fool!.  Fine goes by the title character, Roscoe Tripp, for the purpose of his new band, where he handles lead vocals, guitar, and synth.  In late 2022, Roscoe Tripp was fully formed as a band and began playing live shows and writing new music.  Added to the lineup were Pot Valor on lead guitar and vocals, known for his contributions to indies Opt Out, Big Big Toe, and TVVR; Masterjee Bumbu on rhythm guitar, formerly of the Punjabi punk rock band Bumbu Sauce; drummer and vocalist Sam Elliott who also performs with Cherub Tree and Tobin James; and journeyman Cass Foley on bass who has performed with too many bands to name.

Roscoe Tripp’s debut EP, “It Always Starts with Something”, was released on January 27, 2023.  The band is currently writing and recording songs for their second record with a late 2023 release target.  Look for Roscoe Tripp’s high-energy live performances at venues throughout the greater Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area.

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