Virgin Mary Pistol Grip

Virgin Mary Pistol Grip is an Omaha, NE band who shares a passion for crafting raw, emotional rock music that speaks to the heart - a blend of 90’s rock influences and modern sensibilities with heartfelt, poignant lyrics. An unapologetically passionate, independent band, unafraid to be themselves.

Watch for 'Where Time Went', their soon to be released full length album, recorded and produced by Bob Marlette in Los Angeles (2023). Their first two singles 'Give Me A Reason' and ‘You Forgot Everything’ are out NOW!

VMPG released their first full-length, self-titled album at their debut performance – ensuring the audience could leave with a copy of the music they had just heard (2013). The band first collaborated with Los Angeles producer, Bob Marlette, on their follow up EP 'Secret Codes', recorded at Omaha’s Make Believe Studios and at Blue Room Studios in Los Angeles (2017).

Despite their drive and ambition, Virgin Mary Pistol Grip never loses sight of the importance of connection – with each other, with their fans, and with the world around them. The band has donated their time and talent in support of the National MS Society, food drives and benefit shows, as well as started a mental health and suicide awareness campaign called Blue Fingernails – a trademark of the lead singer’s left hand.

Jales Hupke  |  Vocals, Guitar

Wyatt Mason  |  Lead Guitar, vocals

DJ Sumerall  |  Bass  

Nate “Schroeder J” Johnson  |  drums, vocals

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